introduction to guangzhou tit international fashion creative park
    guangzhou tit international fashion creative park has guangzhou’s historic heritage and fashion culture of over 2,200 years as its background, the international attraction of the neighboring guangzhou new tv view tower as its key basis, garment, fashion, creativeness, culture and art as its themes, the attraction of famous designers, models, companies and brands from home and broad in fashion industry to locate their business in the park as its goal, and new product publication, fashion design, information consulting, professional training and other multifunctional services as its bridges. the park integrates creation, art, culture, commerce and travel experience, and converts an old factory with long-standing garment & textile history to a high-end service business card for south-china’s modern fashion industry with outstanding themes and unique taste. it dedicates to constructing a professional platform for fashion design, r&d, publication and exhibition that covers south china and penetrates the southeast asia, and becoming a center for high-end fashion idea attraction and leading fashion culture in china.

    as an heir of guangzhou’s long-standing garment & textile heritage, guangzhou tit international fashion creative park is born to be noble, natural and unique. the pure and natural garden environment within the park functions a perfect extension of guangzhou’s new tv view tower. with a view to promoting traditional guangzhou fashion culture, the park will also build a textile & garment museum to exhibit “guangzhou embroidery”, “gambiered guangzhou gauze”, “chaozhou embroidery” and other works representing guangzhou’s typical non-material culture, to enrich the historical and cultural taste of the park, and to upgrade the level of the park. our effort will turn the park into an organic combination of fashion, creative design, guangzhou culture, modern civilization, green eco-shelter and international trend, presenting the charm of integrating fashion and creativeness, tourism and culture, art and fashion together with a green eco-shelter.

    传承着岭南纺织服装悠久的历史,tit创意园有着与生俱来的高贵自然的独特气质,园区纯天然的园林环境更是为广州新电视观光塔广场作了完美的延伸。为发扬传统的岭南服装文化,创意园还将设立纺织服装博物馆,集中展示 “广绣”、“香芸纱”、“潮绣”等具有广东特色的非物质文化的代表作,充实和丰富园区的历史文化内涵,提升园区的层次,使时尚服装与创意设计、岭南文化与当代文明、绿色生态与国际潮流有机结合,散发出集服饰创意、旅游文化、艺术时尚、绿色生态于一体的时代魅力。
    tit creative park was filed with the guangzhou development and reform commission in december 2006. for the past 2008 and 2009, the park has been consecutively named as one of guangzhou’s key construction projects. the national development and reform commission, the ministry of finance, the ministry of commerce, together with various levels of guangzhou government departments, have allocated special funds to facilitate the development of the park, which shows the great support given by the government to the park. the latest guangzhou’s implementation rules for the plan for the reform and development of the pearl river delta (2008-2020) also names the park as one of the key strategic projects. the construction of the park has drawn many visits paid by national, provincial and municipal government officials, and has attracted many chambers of commerce and business counselors from america, italy, france, austria and other countries who paid their high tributes to the park.

    tit creative park rests on the site previously used by the former guangzhou textile and machinery factory. the park is covered with and surrounded by trees and grass, and most buildings are factory buildings built in the fifties and sixties, which makes the park one of the typical representatives of the old industrial zones in guangzhou. during the process of park reconstruction, we have followed the principle of “reminiscence”, and have tried our best to preserve the original building features and environment of the old industrial zone.
    tit creative park covers an area of around 93,400.00m2, with a total investment of 200,000,000.00rmb. it is anticipated that, after reconstruction, the plot ratio of the whole park will still be less than 0.5, so as to ensure that the park will give an impression of being spacious, open, comfortable and quiet. from a geographic point of view, the park locates at the core point of the axis of the new guangzhou city. it is next to guangzhou tv view tower and the consulate area. the pazhou international exhibition center is to the east of the park. there are also guangzhou avenue, xinguang highway and kecun metro station (at the t-junction of metro no.2 and metro no.3) around the project site. the geographic area is perfect with its superb transportation.

    after reconstruction and re-planning, the park is dived into several zones:
    design zone (with famous designers)
    features - an independent working villa integrating garment and       fashion exhibition, designing and creation functions.
    property construction--- it comprises six small independent boutique villas and five original buildings
    originally a place for the kindergarten, clinic, generator room, locker room and warehouse of the original factory, the design done is a fashion center opening to the top fashion designers and the first-rate clothes brands. in a factory zone with its outside of bustling energetic s and its inside of quiet, culture-laden, artistic, fashion and long history, you can imagine that the fashion designers are inspired to an outflow of creativity. due to its highlighted fashion theme and good environment for designing, many top designers in china such as liu yang and qu tingnan have shown great interest in it and established their studios here.
     creative zone (with famous companies)
    features - its strong industrial smell and spacious space are restructured to form a diversified creative platform.
    property construction --ten factory buildings of various sizes

    the creative zone is offices for clothes-industry-related creative agencies, artists and a variety of creative enterprises from home and abroad. this zone is converted from the former textile machinery factory’s cloth shop, machine shop, machine shop equipment, assembly shop, and large-piece workshop. if the design zone is an platform to arouse the excellent designers’ inspiration, this zone, with its vertical height of 8 meters and its spacious offices, has become an ideal place for more and more fashion brands to display their products and for fashion experts to do designs, exchange ideas about designs, and display their design works. many brand-name enterprises and associations are also attracted by this creative zone and they are eager to establish their presence in this zone to develop the creative fashion design industry.
     fashion publication center (famous models)
    features - best and most professional fashion publication center
    property construction - three different exhibition stages with a total area of 4,332 m2
    the fashion publication center, which is converted from the former textile machine factory’s most spacious but dark foundry, has a total area of 4,300 m2. with t stage, cultural and art show, fashion publication and many other functions, it attracts famous models, celebrities and starts, becoming the most spotlight of the tit creative park. this is the most professional fashion publication t stage in south china, and has organized guangdong fashion week, jeanwest design competition, guangdong lion dancing show, meneyan summer order exhibit and many other big events. its partners include the famous organizations like new silk road models and professional exhibition planning companies like art map.
     famous brand street (with famous brands)
    features - it is an international fashion brand show area and a fashion trend indicator.
    the famous brand street comprises buildings on yiyuan road to the west of the t-shaped stage
    the famous brand street is converted from textile workshop. the famous brand street aims to attract famous designers and fashion brands at home and abroad to open their flagship stores, concept stores, dress tailoring stores and some luxury item stores. the north gate of the famous brand street will lead you to the south square of the new tv view tower, and it is only 500 meters away from the consulate area. with elites, talents and fashion tycoons from home and abroad gathering here, this place will become a place with fashion charm, leisure, tourism, shipping and high-level consumption in guangzhou. 
     service zone

    features - it offers dinner and accommodation services for the park
    property construction—it comprises the chaotingjinggong restaurant (with 3,200m2) and wenyuan hotel (with 100 apartments)

    originally the dining hall and entertainment room for the former factory, chaotingjinggong now becomes a restaurant with elegant and beautiful environment and unique features. chaotingjinggong restaurant has spacious and elegant dinner halls, with the largest dinning room having 8 tables and the main hall having 20 tables, which makes it an choicest place for various banquets held by social organizations and individuals.

    fangyuan hotel is converted from the former factory’s office building. it is a hotel filled with the textile industry culture dating back to 1950s. it has over 100 standard rooms, luxury suites and various other apartments. the guests can enjoy the modern service of the hotel and the warmth of home while at the same time retrospect the long-standing texture industry history.

    furthermore, red wine tasting area, cigar house, music hall, bar gallery reconstructed from original industrial buildings provide a place both for private and social gatherings, where business people can experience charming fashion and enjoy the tasty lifestyle.
     red wine cellar
    features - the only basement wine cellar in guangzhou,.

    property construction--it comprises an underground air raid shelter with its vertical height of 6 meters underground and its area of over 500m2 and the 1-2 story above-ground buildings
    in the middle of the red wine cellar is an underground air-raid shelter with its vertical height 6 meters and its area of 500m2 . according to the experts’ evaluation, the humidity and temperature of the underground air-raid shelter are different from the above ground and it is suitable for storing wine. the underground air-raid shelter and the constructions above-ground will be converted into the red rine cellar. the red wine cellar will be used to promote red wine culture and to store red wine. it will not only extend the overall facilities of the park but also provide a communication forum for the designers and business people to collect and taste good red wine.

introduction to south china business journal
    as a monthly publication of amcham in south china, the south china business journal (scbj) will be published on around 10th of every month. it is the main channel for members to know the latest news about u.s.-china trade relation, policy from chinese government, and events of the chamber. with a monthly circulation of more than 7,000 copies in every month and 20,000 copies during canton fair (april & october), the scbj is one of the most popular business magazines for foreigners in prd. for the distribution spots, besides delivering to all members (more than 1,200 corporate members), scbj will be distributed to united states and foreign embassies and consulates, u.s. and foreign chambers of commerce around china, chinese government leaders, all interested members of the international business communities, 5-star level hotels around prd, high-level office buildings, restaurants and cafes in guangzhou.


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